Fayz-e-Husayni Trust was established by Syedna Abdulhusain Husamuddin Saheb (A.Q) (48th Dai al-Mutlaq) in Karachi on 1st Zilhaj 1305(1st August 1888).
Syedna Abdullah Badruddin Aqa (r.a.) 50th Dai al Mutlaq

Fayz-e-Husayni Trust got the sharaf of Ziyafat mubarak on 8th Jamadil ula 1426h at Fayz offiice.

After the partition of India, in 1947, Fayz-e-Husayni Trust was formed in Bombay and since then with the Hasanat of Duat Mutlaqeen and with the raza, dua and nazarat mubaraka of His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb t.u.s. Fayz-e-Husayni Trust, Bombay has served a fast growing multitude of mumineen in India & abroad at several points of their ziyarats, over the last two decades Fayz-e-Husayni trust continues to enlarge year after year.

This organization was establish for the sole reason of khidmat of mumineen Hujjaj & Zaereen, when they travel for their Haj or ziyarat. The Trust looks after their requirement such as ticketing, visas accomodation, sabak, guidance for arkaan, ziyarat & safar e.t.c.

Aqa moula t.u.s. has always bestowed us with his benedictions and taught us the ideals on which we always strive to better upon. Aqa moula t.u.s. has personally graced our office with the sharaf of ziyafat three times and has appointed Shezada Aliwaqar QaidJoher Bhaisaheb Ezzuddin Saheb as chairperson (president), and Abizer Bhaisaheb Bin syedi Mukasir e Dawatul Haq as the operating Trustee and Janab Sadiqul Eidizzahabi Bhaisaheb Bin Jamaluddin Saheb as the Jt.Operating Trustee to look after the operating affairs.

Aqa Moula t.u.s. at Fayz-e-Husayni Bombay office.

Syedna Abdulhusain Husamuddin Aqa r.a. (48th Dail Mutlaq) Founder of Fayz-e-Husayni Trust

Syedna Taher Saifuddin Aqa (r.a.) 51st Dai al Mutlaq
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